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2022 Anderson Volleyball Roster

Year Height Hometown/High School
No.: 1 Erin Roach full bio Erin Roach Position: DS Year: Sr. Height: 5-5 Hometown/High School: Selma, Ind. / Wapahani
No.: 2 Ally Hall full bio Ally Hall Position: DS Year: Sr. Height: 5-2 Hometown/High School: Pendleton, Ind. / Pendleton Heights
No.: 3 Lauren Dungan full bio Lauren Dungan Position: DS Year: So. Height: 5-5 Hometown/High School: Alexandria, Ind. / Alexandria-Monroe
No.: 4 Alayna Hart full bio Alayna Hart Position: S Year: Fr. Height: 5-3 Hometown/High School: Caldwell, Texas / Caldwell
No.: 5 Kelsie Marker full bio Kelsie Marker Position: OH Year: Fr. Height: 5-8 Hometown/High School: Dayton, Ohio / Homeschool
No.: 6 Carmen Soloria full bio Carmen Soloria Position: S Year: Fr. Height: 5-4 Hometown/High School: West Chester, Ohio. / Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy
No.: 7 Jimena Montano full bio Jimena Montano Position: RS Year: Sr. Height: 5-10 Hometown/High School: Algonquin, Ill. / Harvest Christian Academy
No.: 8 Carly Harpold full bio Carly Harpold Position: RS Year: Fr. Height: 5-9 Hometown/High School: Rockville, Ind. / Parke Heritage
No.: 9 Hannah Rady full bio Hannah Rady Position: S Year: Sr. Height: 5-7 Hometown/High School: Cloverdale, Ind. / Cloverdale
No.: 10 Tess Perdue full bio Tess Perdue Position: OH/DS Year: Sr. Height: 5-9 Hometown/High School: Lexington, Ky. / West Jessamine
No.: 11 Sydney Williams full bio Sydney Williams Position: OH Year: Fr. Height: 5-7 Hometown/High School: Floyd Knobs, Ind. / Floyd Central
No.: 12 Ashlyn Transier full bio Ashlyn Transier Position: MH/RS Year: Sr. Height: 6-0 Hometown/High School: Cicero, Ind. / Oak Hill
No.: 13 Cara Burkall full bio Cara Burkall Position: OH Year: Fr. Height: 5-11 Hometown/High School: Muskegon, Mich. / Muskegon Catholic Central
No.: 14 Sydney McClain full bio Sydney McClain Position: OH Year: Jr. Height: 5-7 Hometown/High School: Urbana, Ohio / Emmanuel Christian Academy
No.: 15 Kate Todd full bio Kate Todd Position: S Year: Jr. Height: 5-5 Hometown/High School: Festus, Mo. / Festus
No.: 16 Shaylen Perry full bio Shaylen Perry Position: MH Year: Jr. Height: 5-9 Hometown/High School: Eaton, Ohio / Eaton
No.: 17 Olivia Ricica full bio Olivia Ricica Position: MH/OH Year: So. Height: 5-10 Hometown/High School: Bryan, Ohio / Fairview
No.: 18 Caytlynne Keeton full bio Caytlynne Keeton Position: MH Year: Fr. Height: 5-11 Hometown/High School: Salisbury, Md. / Salisbury Christian School